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Help Your Kids Have Fun Brushing Their Teeth!

Learning to have good oral health from a young age can save you and your kids a lot of money in dental later on. Learn how your kids can have fun brushing!

What to do with Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive Teeth can be uncomfortable and painful at the worst times. Check out this blog to see what you can do to save yourself from the pain!

7 Uses for Your Old Toothbrush

It is recommended you change your toothbrush every 3 to 4 months. So what do you do with all those old toothbrushes? Read to find out!

What Do You Know About Cavities?

Sugar can cause damage to your enamel, which in turn creates cavities in your teeth! Learn about how the process works and what you can do to avoid them!

Oral Health Plays a Key Role in Overall Health

Oral health is linked to the quality of your overall health. Avoid gum disease by making sure you stay hydrated, maintain a good diet and brush/floss every day!

Remedies for Canker Sores

Don’t fall victim to just waiting through the pain of a canker sore and tackle it head on! Read these 6 remedies and get feeling better today!

Tips For Loving Coffee Without Staining Your Teeth

If you're a coffee lover who DOESN'T like the stained teeth that often come along with it, there are a few key things to keep in mind.

A Brief History Of Flossing 😀

Today flossing is a staple of oral hygiene and health. But have you ever wondered when and why we started flossing? You might be surprised by the answer. 

Is Your Breath Ready For Valentine's Day?

A case of bad breath is the surest way to ruin a great Valentine’s Day. Whether you're going out with friends or have a hot date, learn how to avoid that dragon breath! 

Tips For A Younger Looking Smile!?

Despite all of the anti-aging fads and gimmicks, studies show your smile can do more to make you look younger than anything else! Find out how!?

Do You Know About These Weird Dental Facts?

History is full of outrageous tales about teeth! How many of these weird dental facts have you heard before? Find out!

Our Most Frequently Asked Questions, Answered!

Want to know what our patients have been asking us? Here are the top five frequently asked questions we get at our practice!

How To Keep Your Teeth Healthy Over The Holidays?

Dr. Kavanaugh believes the holidays are a great time to give your pearly whites a little extra attention. He has six tips to share, take a look!

The Invisalign Article of Your Dreams!

Depending on your dental needs, Invisalign offers a comfortable and convenient way to perfectly align your teeth. Get the smile you deserve!

Holiday Dental Tips You Shouldn't Ignore!

Do not worry! You will not have to completely give up on your favorite goodies this time of year if you bear the following holiday dental tips in mind.


Why Larry Bird Would Love Our Solea Laser?!

Larry Bird would love our Solea Laser because we can use it to clean up his mouth, painlessly! Learn about the benefits of this ground-breaking procedure!

Don’t Let Your Insurance Benefits Go To Waste!

Before year’s end, our team at Kavanaugh Dentistry wants to remind you to take a look at your dental insurance benefits!

Dental Tips for this Halloween From Your Indianapolis Dentist

You don't want to deprive your children of a fun Halloween experience, but you have to ensure they enjoy their candy in moderation.  Find out how! 

10 Insane (but true) Facts About Dentistry

 You might think dentistry is boring, but there are numerous interesting facts about dentists, the history of dentistry and dental statistics. Check out these 10 today! 

How A Dentist Can Assist With Sleep Apnea?

Only a physician can diagnose sleep apnea, but a dentist can help identify the signs & symptoms that can lead to diagnosis, as well as assist. Find out more!