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7 Uses for Your Old Toothbrush

It is recommended that you get a new toothbrush every three to four months. What do you do with those old toothbrushes when you switch? Do you throw them out? Don’t throw them out! They have much more life left in them, just not for your mouth.

There are many useful duties an old toothbrush can accomplish! Let’s check them out.

Clean toilet

The bristles of an old toothbrush are still good to clean off those ugly stains on your toilet. With the help of a toothbrush and some elbow grease, your toilet can be looking fresh out of the store! You won’t want to be using the same old toothbrush for years though. It would be smart to replace it on the same schedule as you replace the one to brush your teeth.



Remove crayon marks from wall

Do you have young kids? Do they sometimes run out of room in their coloring books and move their drawings to the wall? At some point, for some reason or another, young kids almost always have a stint where they color on walls. To remove those crayon marks off the wall, you will need two supplies, an old toothbrush and some shaving cream. Those two supplies and some manual labor will clean up your walls fresh as new.





Remove hair from brush

Is your hair brush so full of hair that it barely does its job anymore? Swiping an old toothbrush through the center of the brush will clear it right up. All the bristles of the toothbrush scoop up the hair that is hard to get out when just using fingers. Get back to having a functioning hair brush again!




Clean fingernails

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to clean your finger nails, an old toothbrush can do the trick. The bristles can get farther up your nails to get the hard to reach dirt. Take action against the dirt under your finger nails!



Clean bottom of shoes

Have you done a little “off-road walking” recently? No need to worry, you have your old toothbrush to save the day. Your old toothbrush can get deep into the creases of the bottom of your shoe. After cleaning the bottom of your shoe with an old toothbrush, you will have a type of grip to the ground you forgot your shoes ever gave you!



Clean tile

Do you have a tile floor? Then you know how hard it is to clean the creases of the tile. An old toothbrush can get deep between the creases and give your tile floor a clean start again. You’ll notice how much of a difference it will make when you try it.




Clean appliances

Do you have special guests coming over soon? Are burnt substances not coming off the toaster or oven? A toothbrush will get the job done. The tough bristles can scrape off the tough stuff and give your appliances a nice sparkle.


Don’t get too excited and start using your toothbrush for these duties and forget to brush your teeth. We want to see those bright and shining smiles!