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A Sweet Alternative (Kavanaugh Dentistry)

Pumpkin Pie. Sugar Cookies. Candy Canes. Fudge. You know the usual suspects. The holidays are mostly synonymous with sweet, sweet treats. Although these delicacies are decidedly delicious, we all know that they can lead straight to a Dentist. Below you will find a few steps to help you avoid all those holiday-inspired tasty traps.


Step #1: Moderation Is Your Best Friend

Nobody is saying you have to give up sweets during the holiday season cold-turkey (pun intended). However, as with any junk food, the best way to manage your intake of Christmas fudge, sugar cookies, etc., is to limit yourself to smaller quantities. Instead of two cookies, go for one. Also, after you do enjoy your limited amount of treats, it would not hurt you to go ahead and brush your teeth and/or floss. Taking a little time during the holidays to care for your teeth will save you time, money, and pain down the road.

Step #2: Substitution Is Your Second Best Friend

Thanksgiving and Christmas are perfect times to enjoy family fun and great meals. Often, big, all-day family events can lead to a grazing style diet – eating small meals throughout the day. Instead of consistently getting your sugar fix from cookies and other processed sugars, try substituting some fruit. Strawberries are a great option (minus the cheesecake!). These substitutions might not solve all your dental issues; however, they will certainly help mitigate the effects of an over-indulgence of holiday desserts.

Step #3: Your Best Friend IS Your Best Friend

Power in numbers. If you find yourself at a holiday party with an expansively excellent array of all things delicious, it is easier to avoid the temptation if you have a buddy who is also trying to avoid eating too many sweets. In effect, watching each other’s proverbial backs is like watching out for each other’s’ teeth.

Step #4: Stay Active

As the temperatures cool down, it is entirely understandable that you might want to curl up next to the fire with a cup of hot chocolate and a sugar cookie. Nevertheless, outside of sweets themselves, a sedentary lifestyle during the holidays is truly your worst enemy. Sure, we all love to enjoy an extra slice of pie and take a nap, but that sort of mentality is one quick step away from a guaranteed sugar coma. If you do not exercise on a regular basis already, think about starting a workout-routine before the holidays start. You do not need to do two hours in a sweat lodge, but getting a good start now will allow you to carry your momentum throughout the holiday season. Try walking a mile or two a day, or do some push-ups/sit-ups. Movement will help reduce your desire to have that extra piece of fantastic fudge. Your teeth will thank you.

If you do find yourself suffering from the effects of too many cookies, please reach out to us here at Kavanaugh Dentistry and we will help you deal with those toothaches, cavities, etc.!