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Immediate Release: Anesthesia-Free Dentistry!

Now Offering Anesthesia-Free Procedures with Convergent Dental’s Solea Dental Laser

Kavanaugh Dentistry is proud to announce that it has added Solea, Convergent Dental’s new dental laser, to its practice. Solea’s technology offers patients a reliably anesthesia-free alternative to the traditional drill for hard and soft tissue procedures. Its unique 9.3 µm wavelength provides a natural anesthetic effect while also affording dentists the ability to cut dental enamel with unprecedented speed and precision. Patients experience virtually painless procedures that take a fraction of the time of a traditional dental appointment because practitioners do not need to inject anesthetic or control bleeding.

Investments in modern technology are what set Kavanaugh Dentistry apart from everyone else. Solea delivers a completely different experience than the traditional drill. No more needles. No more jarring noises. No more soreness.Convergent Dental’s customers report that the majority of their hard and soft tissue procedures are done with no anesthesia and virtually no bleeding. Kavanaugh Dentistry’s patients will be able to receive the oral care they need and immediately jump back into their day. No anesthesia means no risk of patients biting themselves so the traditional limit of working in a single quadrant per visit is a thing of the past.  Now patients can get all of their dental needs addressed in a single visit making it easy to return to work or home and avoid missing valuable “up-time”

“Kavanaugh Dentistry is at the forefront of a dental revolution,” said Convergent Dental CEO Michael Cataldo. “People all over the country have been pleasantly shocked after experiencing anesthesia-free and virtually pain-free procedures. The skilled practitioners at Kavanaugh Dentistry are now able to deliver that experience to each one of their patients.”

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