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Animals get cavities too!

Here at Kavanaugh Dentistry, we understand the love that you share for your furry companions. It is important to keep all members of the family’s’ teeth healthy and strong! Often times, we forget about the dental hygiene of our pets, but it is just as important! Ever wonder why your dog or cat has bad smelling breath? There could be an underlying cause! In fact, 85% of all pets have periodontal disease by the time they are 3 years old! Similar to humans, periodontal disease starts when food and bacteria get stuck on the teeth forming plaque. In extreme cases, the bacteria can get in the blood stream and infect the heart, kidneys or liver. 

We realize that cleaning your animal’s teeth may be a little more challenging than it seems. However, we do have some tips for you!

  • Try a child’s toothbrush. You might be surprised, some cats and dogs actually enjoy the feeling of the bristles on their teeth! If you’re lucky, they might chew on the brush which reduces the workload for you!
  • Gently lift the side of their cheek and brush in a circular motion – make sure you are getting the gum line as this is where periodontal disease starts. 
  • If your animal won’t tolerate a toothbrush, try getting a toy with a lot of rubber bristles on it
  • Give them hard food, hard toys or a bone to chew on, this will keep their teeth strong

However, make sure you see a vet if your dog has excessive drooling, missing or misaligned teeth or bumps/growths in the mouth as this could be a sign of a more serious problem. 

While you make sure your animals teeth are strong and healthy, don’t forget to schedule your next hygiene or operative visit if you are having pain, swelling, or sensitivity in your gums! 

Happy Brushing!