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Regular Dental Visits Are Vital After Age 40!

Don’t let your teeth give away your age!

Although exercise and proper diet are helping people keep a youthful appearance well into their 40s, their smiles might be telling another story. Good oral health, which includes regular checkups with your dentist, is vital once people reach 40. The American Dental Association recommends seeing a dentist every six months, and that schedule becomes especially important as people get older.

Brushing and flossing alone aren’t enough. Professional dental cleanings can prevent a series of future problems. Dental neglect often starts showing a cumulative effect as people reach 40. Gingivitis, a mild form of gum disease, and periodontitis, an inflammation around the tooth from untreated gum disease, are common in adults. The gums can pull away from teeth and leave pockets that fill with bacteria, which breaks down the teeth and tissue. Eventually, this can lead to tooth and bone loss.

The risk of oral cancer, which includes the mouth, gums and tongue, also increases after the age of 40. According to the Oral Cancer Foundation, an estimated 48,250 people in the United States will be newly diagnosed with oral cancer in 2016. Early detection by a dentist is crucial to treatment and survival.

Although modern technology has made dentistry more streamlined and less painful, many adults fear going to see a dentist. According to Australian researchers at the University of Sydney, women in their 40s are more likely than people in any other age group to avoid dental visits. “Dental anxiety is very real and complex and it should never be downplayed,” said Dr. Avanti Karve of the University of Sydney Faculty of Dentistry.

At Kavanaugh Dentistry in Indianapolis, we have adopted the latest high-tech tools to take some of the stress out of dental visits. Our Solea laser, a CO2 dental laser system approved by the FDA, replaces traditional drills. The procedure is less invasive and, for most patients, is anesthesia-free.

Benefits of Solea over traditional procedures:

  • virtually painless
  • no bleeding
  • faster
  • no residual numbness
  • reduces number of appointments required

Solea uses a wavelength guided by the latest computer technology to deliver virtually painless procedures for both teeth and gums. The tool is a solution for basic procedures like cavity fillings and more complex dental surgeries.

The Solea technology enables our team at Kavanaugh Dentistry to do blood-free and anesthesia-free procedures and execute multi-quadrant dentistry, fillings and soft-tissue procedures during a single office visit.

Our patients can leave the office after a procedure and go back to work or even have lunch without feeling any uncomfortable numbness.

The average American lifespan in now 79 years. Keeping healthy teeth for decades to come should be a priority for aging members of Generation X. With Solea, maintaining good oral health is easier and much less stressful.

Contact our staff to schedule your next appointment. Don’t let fear get in the way of a healthy smile.