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Do you have sensitive teeth?

First and foremost, set up an appointment with your dentist! Cavities wait for no one! Sensitivity can be a clear indicator of a cavity, so it is always important to schedule with your doctor if you answer “yes” to any of the following questions:

  1. What causes my sensitivity?  Cold or Hot drinks? 
  2. Where is my sensitivity coming from? Is it sensitive around the gum line, the middle of your tooth, or the tip? 
  3. Do you clench or grind your teeth at night?

However, there are things you can do in the meantime to reduce your symptoms before your appointment! 

Try sensitive toothpaste:

Sometimes the cause of sensitivity can be due to open dentin tubules. This happens because your enamel (the outer surface of your tooth) has worn away. There are numerous reasons as to why this could happen, like clenching or grinding your teeth, or eating too many acidic foods. Sensitive toothpaste will help seal off the dentin tubules that are exposed, thus reducing your symptoms. Give the toothpaste a chance, as it will take a few times before you feel the effects. 

Eat Less Acidic Foods: 

According to Crest.com, “ One-third of 700 dentists surveyed by the Academy of General Dentistry say that acidic foods and beverages are the single most prevalent contributors to sensitive teeth, followed by the technique in which people brush their teeth.” Some highly acidic foods include fruit, orange juice, wine, even yogurt! These could be contributing factors to your sensitivity. 

Start brushing/flossing regularly with a soft bristled brush: 

If you use a hard-medium bristled toothbrush, and have recession around the gum line try making the switch to soft! It cleans just as well but is gentler on your mouth! Brushing and flossing prevents decay from accumulating in all of those hard to reach places. 

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