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Issues Getting Someone to Brush Their Teeth?


When it comes to positive dental habits, some people just don’t get it. It may seem like a silly thing to talk about, but many people don’t regularly brush their teeth. From poor habits to negative reinforcements, the truth is many adults don’t practice proper oral hygiene. The question is; how do you portray the importance of dental hygiene to somebody who may not care? With the help of some of these tips, you can get your loved one to regularly practice proper oral hygiene.

Start Young

If you’re a parent, you definitely understand the struggles of trying to get your child to want to brush their teeth. Starting your child off with proper dental hygiene practices will result in the formation of positive habits to practice for the rest of their lives. To help form these habits, try making teeth brushing a priority morning and night. Show them through modeling; they can watch you brush your teeth and they might want to follow in your actions. Other ideas include making this part of the day fun, whether it is through singing songs, dancing or incorporating other activities that your child likes to do. There are many ways for parents to teach their kids proper oral hygiene, and the important thing is to find something that works for your child.

If the person you’re trying to convince to regularly brush their teeth is already an adult, here are some other things you can try.

Show Them The Facts

Provide this person with data on the negative effects of poor oral hygiene. Gum disease, gingivitis, and other oral diseases can stem from not brushing teeth regularly. Also, everyday issues like visible plaque and tooth pain can occur. Check out the Oral Health Foundation for specific facts that may be relevant to your non-hygienic individual.

One other way to entice someone to brush his or her teeth is through visual representation. Take photos of their teeth daily, weekly or monthly and show them how their teeth look through your eyes. If that doesn’t work, you can always take the honest route.

Honesty is Key

Being honest can be helpful in these situations. Nobody wants to hear they smell, so by sitting down and telling this individual that their breath stinks may be what they need to hear. Being honest may be tricky, but if maneuvered in the right way, you may be the fresh perspective they need to have a fresh mouth.

Call for Help

If all else fails, take them to the dentist. Dentistry professionals can surely provide the insight the individual may need to start practicing healthy oral hygiene. Not only will they get healthy teeth cleaning, the dentist can check to make sure there is no damage done to their gums, teeth, and mouth, as well as get their dose of professional advice.

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