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Halloween Dental Tips From Your Indy Dentist

Halloween's around the corner and you and your kids are excited about putting together your costumes and, of course, the prospect of candy. While you don't want to deprive your children of a fun Halloween experience that includes having a huge stockpile of candy, you also want to ensure that they enjoy their treats in moderation. Here are some dental health concerns you'll also want to be mindful of when it comes to preventing tooth decay.

Try to get more non-candy treats if possible when trick-or-treating.

Many parents sharing the same concerns as you about diet and dental health give out pencils, toys, coins, wiggly worms, and other goodies that aren't edible. Try to hit those houses first.

Avoid sticky candies.

Candies like taffy, gum, fruit snacks, and gummy worms/bears that are stickier than other kinds of candy take longer to get broken down by saliva. Sticky candies increase the risk of tooth decay. Go for a different kind if possible.

 Make Sure To Keep An Eye On Their Candy Stockpile! 

Make Sure To Keep An Eye On Their Candy Stockpile! 

Drink more water and avoid sugary drinks during this time of year.

As your kids make their way through that candy stockpile, you'll want to eliminate sugary beverages like soda, juices, and sports drinks. These drinks are hard on the teeth's enamel to begin with, but when combined with candy on a regular basis the risk for tooth decay is increased.

Water, on the other hand, helps prevent tooth decay. Fluoridated water is very good for your teeth, and you'll want to check bottled water to make sure it has fluoride.

Only allow candy with meals or shortly after meal times, not as a snack.

The time when candy is eaten is surprisingly important. When sugary foods and beverages are eaten with meals or shortly after mealtime, saliva production increases. This helps break down the candy particles on the teeth and cancel out acids and bacteria produced in the mouth, which puts your child at less risk for tooth decay than if they were eating candy as a snack.

Remember to schedule regular visits with your Indianapolis dentist to ensure your children's teeth are in perfect shape!