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How Important is Wearing a Mouth Guard?

When playing contact sports, you are vulnerable to getting your teeth knocked out. Most people don’t wear mouth guards because they think nothing bad will ever happen to them. Ask the 600,000 people a year with dental injuries from playing sports if they thought it was going to happen to them? I am sure if those 600,000 people had the chance, they would go back and put in a mouth guard! It is estimated that about 200,000 times a year somebody saves themselves from a dental injury because they were wearing a mouth guard. Mouthguard's have been around a long time and work for a reason.

Let’s take a look at the history of mouth guards and why they work.

History of Mouth Guards

The first mouthguard for sports was worn for college boxing in the 1920’s. The American Dental Association was adamant about boxers wearing mouth guards because the purpose of the sport was basically to knock the other person’s teeth out. Now it is required to wear a mouthguard in only 4 college sports. They include boxing, lacrosse, football, and field hockey. The American Dental Association recommends that participants in 29 different sports should wear a mouthguard. Remember even if it is not technically required, you should still wear a mouthguard to protect your beautiful teeth!

Mouthguard material and design

Mouth guards used to be made out of latex rubber but they found the material was not as shock absorbent as they would have liked. Mouth guards are now made out of either Ethylene Vinyl Acetate or polyurethane. These two materials are shock and water absorbent, and tough.

Effectiveness of mouth guard

A study showed that you are sixty times more likely to fracture your teeth when you are not wearing a mouthguard compared to when wearing one. There have been studies that have also concluded that you are more likely to get a concussion when you don’t wear a mouthguard. We want you to enjoy your sports but also want you to have a big beautiful healthy smile! Basically what we want you to understand after reading this blog is that mouth guards work! Save yourself the pain and hassle by wearing one when competing!