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Help Your Kids Have Fun Brushing Their Teeth!

Dental health should be an important part of everybody’s lives. You have a particular duty to help your children learn healthy habits to keep their oral health in check. Kids can disapprove of brushing their teeth, and it can be frustrating for some parents. There are a few useful tricks that we know of that can make your life a little easier hopefully. Let’s take a look!

Teach kids early on

You most likely will do this as soon as you can so you don’t have to continue brushing your kid’s teeth for longer than you have to. The best way to do this is to get them involved with the whole process. You will want to start with taking them to the store so they can pick out the toothbrush with their favorite cartoon character on the box. This will help them get excited about the process and potentially make it easier on you. You can even have incentives for your kids if they brush their teeth without being reminded!

Use a timer

It can help if you use a timer to set the rules on how long your child has to brush before they put the toothbrush down. If the two minutes is too long for your child’s attention span to start out at, you can start at a lower time and gradually move it up until you get to the time you want. It is an excellent opportunity to encourage your child to push through until the end.

Brush to the music

The most entertaining way for kids to brush is to play their favorite song and tell them to brush to the rhythm of the beat. Songs are generally two to three minutes long so if you brush to the end of the song, your child will have done a sufficient amount of cleaning. The more fun you make brushing for them, the more they will want to get back into the bathroom to brush their teeth next time! The power of music can give your children beautiful teeth!

Be a role model

This can help you remember to brush your teeth more often as well. Kids look up to their parents so if you brush together all the time; they will do as you do. Together both of you will have fantastic dental health, and that is the goal! Before you know it, your children will be reminding you to brush your teeth!