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Shine With Invisalign in 2018!

We all want to start off the New Year in good fashion. Sure, 2017 might have left you feeling faded and jaded. You might have failed horribly at your flossing goals. Nevertheless, that’s no excuse to ignore your dental health needs in 2018. We all love looking at smiles. We even love the feeling we get when we smile. Every day, we are bombarded with images of what is ideal – so it’s important to remember that we are all just human. It is not our intention to disparage anyone, only to provide some examples of those “ideal” people, who like the rest of us, need some dental help and benefited from Invisalign.

Let’s check out some Invisalign success stories!

 Pic Cred -  biography.com

Pic Cred - biography.com

Tom Cruise – “In 2002 when he was filming Minority Report, Tom Cruise donned almost entirely invisible braces to discreetly straighten his teeth. At the time he was 40, and he opted for an invisible look so as not to tarnish his dashing good looks while being the center of attention in Hollywood.” (https://www.speaksorthodontics.com/10-celebrities-used-invisalign/).

 pic credit -  bet.com

pic credit - bet.com

Justin Bieber – “While this young pop star makes headlines more these days for his bad behavior than his music, Justin Bieber has donned beautiful pearly whites since he used Invisalign back in 2011. He was spotted wearing them at the BRIT Awards. He also reportedly removed the invisible braces during an interview with a reporter near that same time.” (https://www.speaksorthodontics.com/10-celebrities-used-invisalign/).

 pic credit -  w  ikipedia

pic credit - wikipedia

Zac Efron – “As this actor made the jump from teen heart throb in High School Musical to grown-up stunner in fare like The Neighbors, he decided that it was time for the slight gap between his front teeth to transition to a solid white smile, as well.” (http://www.dynamicdentalinc.com/blog/8-celebrities-who-used-invisalign-treatment).

 pic credit -  variety

pic credit - variety

Oprah Winfrey – “Among the most influential people in the world, it’s no wonder Oprah Winfrey chose Invisalign to straighten her teeth. She felt so confident with the aligners that she didn’t hesitate to wear them in front of the camera while filming her award-winning talk show.” (https://www.speaksorthodontics.com/10-celebrities-used-invisalign/).

 pic credit -  defender network

pic credit - defender network

Serena Williams – “If you’re Serena Williams, your smile has to gleam as much as your trophy. At 16, Serena turned to Invisalign to solve all her dental issues. Selena went on to win 13 Grand Slam Doubles and have a winning smile to match.” (http://www.orthodonticslimited.com/blog/celebrities-invisalign/).

 pic credit -  people.com

pic credit - people.com

Eva Longoria – “This steamy star began wearing Invisalign at age 36 to straighten her bottom teeth. No longer spooked by a crooked smile, the star is working on a new horror TV series based on Latin American folktales.” (http://www.dynamicdentalinc.com/blog/8-celebrities-who-used-invisalign-treatment).

 pic credit -  yahoo.com

pic credit - yahoo.com

Gisele Bundchen – “Not even supermodels are born perfect! Gisele Bundchen told interviewers that she started wearing Invisalign because one of her teeth was moving and made her smile look less than perfect in pictures. She wore the braces only at night, taking advantage of the Invisalign system's flexibility.”(http://www.dynamicdentalinc.com/blog/8-celebrities-who-used-invisalign-treatment)

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