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Ten Insane (but true) Facts About Dentistry

Although some may believe that the field of dentistry is mundane, this is far from true. There are numerous interesting facts about dentists, the history of dentistry and dental statistics. Many of these fun facts will surprise you, be sure to share these with your friends and family!

  1. Individuals who consume 24 ounces or more of soda/pop a day experience 60 percent more tooth decay, tooth loss and fillings than those who do not. Bypass the soda/pop and pick up a glass of water or a sports drink instead.
  2. Over a lifetime, an average American spends almost 40 days brushing his or her teeth.
  3. Just as everyone has unique fingerprints, they also have a unique tongue print; Furthermore, each tooth has its own unique print.
  4. In early America, the town Blacksmith was also the town’s dentist.
  5. The male farmer in the renowned painting “American Gothic,” is actually the artist’s dentist.
  6. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the most expensive tooth sold at auction belonged to John Lennon. It was purchased in 2011 by Dr. Michael Zuk of Canada for $25,308.08.
  7. It is a myth that George Washington’s dentures were made of wood. Washington had four pairs of dentures, which consisted of various materials, including gold, lead, ivory as well as a mix of teeth from humans, hippopotamuses and donkeys.
  8. An individual produces enough saliva in his or her lifetime to fill two swimming pools (25,000 quarts).
  9. Toothbrushes need to be stored at least 6 feet from the toilet; otherwise, with each flush, airborne particles can settle on its bristles...EWW!
  10. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) states that a dentist invented the electric chair. In 1881, Dr. Alfred P. Southwick witnessed a drunken man die via electrocution: The intoxicated man died after he accidently touched a live terminal on a generator. Following this tragic event, Dr. Southwick determined that death by electrocution seemed a more merciful method of execution than the current methods that were being used. The execution methods commonly used in 1881 included: Beheading via guillotine, hanging, suffocation, whipping an individual so harshly that his or her skin does not remain intact (flaying) and strangulation with a wire, a cord or an iron collar (garroting).

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