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How to Make the Most Out of the Tooth Fairy?


Everybody loves the Tooth Fairy from generation to generation. When your kids’ teeth start falling out, it is a great time for you to incorporate the Tooth Fairy and teaching good oral health practices. Teaching them early can form good habits that will last the rest of their life… which can save you a lot of money if they never need braces! Let’s look into how you can make the most out of the tooth fairy.

Tooth Fairy Dish

The way the tradition usually goes is the tooth is placed under the pillow and it is replaced with money. The problem is, now you have to swap the tooth out from under the pillow without waking your child up. If they wake up and catch you, then you have just lost out on a big part of their childhood. The safe route is to tell your child to leave their tooth on a dish or in a bowl overnight. It can be fun for your child to decorate it before they go to sleep to impress the Tooth Fairy. You can still go for the under the pillow method, and it will most likely work with no problems, but you will be doing so at your own risk.

Note from Tooth Fairy

Obviously, you should replace the tooth with some money or a gift, but it is important to also leave a note from the Tooth Fairy for your child to read in the morning. This gives a personal touch when they see that the Tooth Fairy knows their name and leaves a personal message. For example, you could say “Thank you so much for the beautiful tooth, Caroline! You must be brushing every day because you have such pretty teeth! I can't wait to come back for the rest of your baby teeth!”

Brushing Calendar

You have the opportunity to turn the Tooth Fairy into more than just a funny childhood story. When the Tooth Fairy comes around, you can help your kids be more engaged with their dental habits. Along with the money and a special note from the Tooth Fairy, as an extra gift, you should leave them a brushing calendar. Download one you can use by clicking here.

Scrap Book

Something fun to do along the way as your child is losing tooth by tooth, you can make a scrapbook. Take a picture of your child smiling after each tooth they lose to make an awesome time progression scrapbook. You will be happy you made a scrapbook years down the road when they are all grown up.

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