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Use ‘Em Before You Lose ‘Em!

The end of the year is rapidly approaching. For most people with health benefits, insurance plans dictate that dental benefits be used before the end of the year or else they expire – they do not carry over from year to year (use them or lose them). Sure, we are all busy with work, the holidays, and dealing with the cold weather (and family), but it is important that you take advantage of your dental benefits – not only for your overall oral health, but also because you have already paid for them!

How can you maximize your dental benefits before the end of the year? 


First, understand your insurance.

It is important to know what benefits are covered under your insurance plan. Typical insurance plans offer two types of care: prevention and treatment (think cleaning vs. getting a filling). Most insurance plans pay 100% for preventative care and anywhere from 50%-80% for treatment. Your insurance will often limit how of each of these benefits you can use in one calendar year. It is important to use your preventative care earlier in the year, so that way if you need to get follow-up treatment, you will still be able to use your benefits towards that treatment.

Second, use your money.

For most dentists, October through January are the busiest months of the year because their patients realize that they must use their benefits before the end of the year. Be sure to schedule your appointments well in advance of these months so you can maximize your dental benefits for you and your family. By using the benefits you’ve already paid for this year, you are saving yourself money for next year. There is simply no reason not to use up your annual maximums. Furthermore, keep these points in mind: for most insurance plans, the amount of money you paid towards your deductible also does not rollover; elsewhere, your premiums might go up next year – so get the most out of your dental benefits this year. Lastly, it is important to remember that if you use an FSA (flexible spending account) to pay for your dental costs not covered by insurance, your money most likely will not roll over. Check with your employer/FSA provider to determine how much money you have left in your FSA so you can use your money.

Third, your benefits are there for your benefit.

Whether you are taking care of your car or taking care of your teeth, prevention is key to avoiding problems. Even if you have already had a checkup/cleaning this year and did not require and further treatment, but still have benefits leftover, why not use up your insurance and get another checkup/cleaning before the end of the year? The earlier dental problems are detected, the easier it will be to successfully treat them. You have already paid for it, so make the most of your dental coverage.

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