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What to do with Sensitive Teeth


Tooth sensitivity can be a huge bummer for anyone. The most common symptom is feeling pain in your teeth when you take a bite of something hot or cold, or just when you take a big breath of cold air. There are a couple reasons you can be suffering from tooth or teeth sensitivity. One reason could be because your dentin, the portion of the tooth that covers the nerve, is exposed due to natural reasons or you have a cavity. Another reason could be the recession of your gums and that could also be natural or you might have a gum disease. There is one way to find out if it is natural or you have a problem. Head to the dentist’s office and have yourself checked out!


If your problem is due to a cavity, you can have a quick restoration procedure done to take care of it. If gum disease is the problem, a dentist can do a deep cleaning of the area. There are a number of actions you can take to help build a durable set of teeth.

Measures taken at the dentist’s office

  • Placing teeth in a fluoride foam for around 5 minutes can strengthen weak areas.
  • Enamel and dentin can be strengthened by applying fluoride varnish to exposed areas.
  • There are bonding agents that dentists use to seal off dentin exposed areas.

Measures taken at home

  • The combination of a low abrasive tooth brush and a tooth brush with soft bristles can help with sensitive teeth.
  •  Use tooth pastes that are made to strengthen sensitive teeth.
  •  Do not over brush.

By going to the dentist, he or she can evaluate your situation and give you advice specifically for you on how to strengthen your teeth. Even if you have sensitive teeth because of natural reasons, there are still actions you can take to avoid a painful experience. Your oral health is such a big part of your life, don’t sit back and let sensitive teeth hold you back from enjoying things like ice cream and other delicious treats.