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Why Consider A Dental Laser?

The Solea Laser has brought some major changes to dentistry, and it has made some major improvements to the way we can treat patients.  The Solea laser is unique in its efficiency at treating both hard and soft tissue.  Our patients love the Solea laser because it is fast, rarely requires anesthesia, and is very quiet and comfortable.

Procedures Without Pain!

Our dental practice has found that more people are becoming comfortable with dental procedures since we began using the Solea laser.  One of the leading reasons that people avoid the dentist is that they are afraid of being in pain or the injection. Many people have dental phobias that grew out of past painful dental procedures.  The Solea laser is changing the mind of patients every day.  The Solea laser can deliver pain free procedures with no blood and no anesthesia.  Once a patient experiences a procedure done with the Solea laser, their fear of the dentist may be completely gone.  Many fillings and soft tissue procedures can be done with no pain, and the shot can be avoided.

How does Solea work?

The Solea laser works in a different way that other lasers commonly used in dentistry.  The laser has a unique wavelengthand computerized controls that allow Dr. Kavanaugh to prepare fillings and perform soft tissue surgeries with true laser precision.  Native CO2 lasers can only be used on soft tissue.  The Solea laser uses an Oxygen-18 isotope that allows Dr. Kavanaugh to work on both hard and soft tissue safely and efficiently anywhere in the mouth.  

Please give us a call today at (317) 846-7700.  We are happy to set up a consultation with Dr. Kavanaugh to learn more about the Solea laser and whether it is right for you.