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Why Is Preventative Dentistry Important?

More today than ever before research supports the importance of preventive dentistry.  Let's look at just a few of the reasons preventive dentistry should be a part of your overall health regimen.

You Want to Save That Smile

If you have a great smile, you want to keep it. Even if it’s not perfect, don’t take that smile for granted. Over time, a build up of plaque and bacteria can lead to gum disease and decay if not treated. This is not only painful, but it destroys your smile. Dental restoration is expensive. If you don’t want to spend time and money on a smile makeover later, then make and keep your preventive dentistry appointments today.

You Want to Promote Overall Health

Not long ago, we may have seen no connection between our teeth and gums and our overall health. But recent studies show that there is a clear link between mouth health and overall health. In fact, those who have serious gum disease were found to have a 40% chance of having a non-dental chronic disease in addition to it. Inflammation, reduced saliva, deteriorating teeth are all linked to much bigger problems for our health. Because of this, there is a strong push in the medical community for a more holistic approach to health, which includes your preventive care for teeth and gums.

You Want to Maintain Your Lifestyle

You like to eat what you want. You enjoy healthy, whole, raw fruits and vegetables and maybe the occasional steak. The health of your teeth and gums impacts your ability to eat what you want. Losing teeth not only impacts your ability to eat, but also to speak and feel confident around others. By keeping your teeth and gums healthy, you can have a long and healthy life of doing what you love.

You Understand That All Good Health At Home

Preventive dentistry starts at home. Talk to our team about how you can maintain and restore your dental health through developing healthy habits like more regular brushing and flossing. We only see you twice a year. What you do the other 363 days a year matters. Do it for your health!

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