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Why Larry Bird Would Love Our Solea Laser?!

On Aug. 8, 2015, during a question and answer session at the 20TH annual Michael Jordan Flight School basketball camp, Michael Jordan was asked who he considered the biggest trash talker he ever faced. His answer: Larry Bird. In fact, Larry Bird is listed among the top 10 NBA ‘trash talkers’ of all time. Larry Bird would love our Solea Laser because we can use it to clean up his mouth, painlessly!

At Kavanaugh Dentistry, the Dreaded Drill is Becoming a Thing of the Past

The majority of people dislike visiting the dentist for two reasons, the dreaded drill and the needle necessary to deliver local anesthesia. At Kavanaugh Dentistry in Indianapolis, Indiana, we are making both of these a thing of the past! We love to see our patients smile, which is why we have invested in one of the most innovative pieces of dental equipment available, the Solea Laser.

Why We Offer Our Patients the Solea CO2 Dental Laser System

The FDA has cleared the Solea CO2 Dental Laser System for use on soft, hard and even osseous tissue (bone). The Solea Laser can replace the dental drill in many procedures. Furthermore, most of our patients do not require anesthesia during procedures performed using this innovative tool. Solea is designed to provide patients with nearly painless dental procedures, this quiet, vibration-free laser is very different from the traditional dental drill.  Solea can be used for procedures on the teeth and on the gums. At Kavanaugh Dentistry, we use the Solea laser to perform procedures to address gingivitis, cavities, as well as some of the more complex surgical procedures.

Benefits of the Solea Dental Laser System

With the Solea Laser, we can perform a variety of procedures without the need for anesthesia or sutures. Due to the elimination of anesthesia, we have the ability to accomplish more in less time. Many procedures can be completed with fewer appointments than would be necessary using traditional tools and techniques. In addition, some of the procedures that we typically had to refer patients out for can now be completed in our office.

If you reside in or around Indianapolis, Indiana, and you need dental care, contact Kavanaugh Dentistry today. Let us address any current dental issues you have quickly, without anesthesia or the need for that dreaded dental drill. In addition, once your current dental issues are addressed, we can help prevent future dental problems.

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